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Stake Expense Reimbursements

Ward expense reimbursements are done with your ward

Instructions for Submitting Expenses Online for Reimbursement (Stake)

◦ Note: Requests should be submitted by the president of each organization.

◦ Please make sure each purchase is purchased on its own and not with items purchased for personal use. 

◦ When taking pictures of the receipt, please include the full receipt to show where purchase is from and all     amounts including sales tax.


1. From a desktop log into

2. Click on My Account and Ward

3. Sign In

4. Click on My Account and Ward (again)

5. Click leader and clerk resources. 

6. Click on Finance

7. Click on Payment Request

8. Fill out the form with Payee, Purpose, Sales Tax, Amount, and Budget to take from.

9. From here you can upload the receipts.

10. Once uploaded you will need to review each receipt.


◦ When everything has been reviewed you will need to save.  This will submit to stake for review and             reimburse the member.


This can also be done from your phone.  You will just need to click on the Three Lines when navigating through each step. 

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