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Ward Support for 2023


There are tremendous blessings as we serve those in the assisted living centers in Santaquin.  Many of the residents are faithful saints that come from the community.  The 17th Branch deeply appreciates your willingness to help increase the spiritual experience of our sacrament services. 


The following schedule is for the Seasons of Santaquin Care Center (751 E 150 S) and Santaquin Beehive Home Care Center (409 S 300 W) for 2023.  Each Ward’s monthly assignment is listed below.  The scheduled times for Sacrament Meetings are Seasons 10:00 a.m.  and Beehive 11:00 a.m.

In addition, monthly Family Home Evenings are held the first Monday of each month at 6:15 pm (Seasons of Santaquin only). We are so grateful for your help with this and ask that you provide a family to hold a FHE at Seasons the same month as your ward’s speaking assignment (more detail regarding FHE’s will be sent separately).


The assigned ward is asked to help with Sacrament services at both care centers.

  • First Sunday – Fast Sunday the assigned ward provides two adults to offer one or two testimonies.

  • Second, third & Fifth Sundays – The assigned ward will offer two five-minute talks.

  • Fourth Sunday – The High Council will speak. Ward help is not needed.

  • If possible, once during the month a musical number is welcome on any Sunday.

  • Hymns and the sacrament will be taken care of by the branch leadership.

  • Two priesthood brethren will be needed each Sunday to help bless and pass the Sacrament.


Assigned speakers should be there 15 minutes prior to the start of Sacrament Meeting.  It is very helpful to receive an e-mail listing assigned speakers prior to Sunday.


A reminder email of these assignments will be sent to the assigned ward’s Bishop, Elder’s Quorum President and Relief Society President during the week prior to the ward’s assigned month. The Branch Presidency will preside and conduct at each Sacrament Meeting.  






Branch President: Steve Spencer 203-687-9785

1st Cecil (CR) Charlesworth 435-406-9375   

2nd Counselor: Mike Mooney 435-559-4191

17th Branch Ward Speaking Assignments - 2023_edited.jpg
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